We provide a comprehensive service to both Employers and Employees in areas such as:

  • Contracts of Employment/Terms of Employment/Employee Handbooks
  • Redundancy Claims – for employers or employees
  • Employment Compromise or Settlement Agreements
  • Dealing with employees on long term sick leave
  • Legal advice on election procedures for redundancy
  • Employment Legislation
  • Service Agreements
  • Advice on employment rights/requirements
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Representation at Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Representation at Labour Relations Commission or Rights Commissioner Hearings
  • District Court/Circuit Court/High Court claims
  • Equality Claims

Cosgrave Solicitors provide advice and representation to individuals on their employment rights arising out of all areas of employment legislation.

This can include simple matters such as certain aspects of their contracts of employment, to more serious issues such as unfair dismissals or pension disputes. Our firm has considerable experience in areas of commercial litigation, so we have the ability to deal with all types of employment disagreements.

We recognise that the employer and employee relationship can often become acrimonious when disputes arise. We are therefore aware of the importance of guiding clients through the areas of employment law, particularly when it involves claims before the Labour Relations Commission or the Employment Appeals Tribunal. Such claims can range from unfair dismissals or constructive dismissals to claims for the recovery of wages or salary or claims relating to equality in the work place.

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