Statement of Neil Cosgrave of Cosgrave Solicitors


It’s been a long, gruelling and harrowing process for my clients, Tressa and Pat also known as Andre.


Tressa Reeves gave birth to a baby boy on the 13 March 1961 whom she christened Andre, giving him that exotic name in the hope that it would make it easier for her to find him in the years to follow.


She wrote innumerable letters and in the early 1970’s began in earnest to search for information on his well-being, welfare and his whereabouts.


Over the following four decades she encountered road blocks and obstacles which would have caused most people to turn back and give up. But Tressa refused to give up and would not take no for an answer.


Her baby Andre was given to a couple who were permitted to register him as their own natural child and grew up thinking and believing that he was Patrick Farrell.


It was not until late 2012 that he was informed that he had in fact been illegally adopted. Tressa and Andre were finally reunited in early 2013. They had missed out on so many of each others important life events. They formed an immediate strong and close bond. I am happy to confirm that my clients Tressa Reeves and Patrick Farrell, otherwise Andre, have achieved a comprehensive conclusion to this long harrowing and difficult process and finally feel vindicated.


Finally, I wish to thank my colleague Aisling O Callaghan, solicitor, Eanna Molloy SC, Shane Michael Kelly Junior Counsel, Michael Connolly Junior Counsel and John Smith, the comrade and neighbour of Patrick Farrell and to thank the Court for its time.


Tressa Reeves will now make a short statement.